How to Use Endpoints

To use a node within MetaMask, do the following:

  • Copy the rpc_endpoint information from the Node details modal. This modal can be found by clicking on a Node name while on the nodes page.
  • Open MetaMask and click on Network selector at top (you are probably defaulted to Ethereum mainnet).
  • Click on Custom RPC in that menu. That will open the "New Network" screen as shown on this page.
  • Enter a Network Name you want to call this network.
  • Paste the rpc_endpoint information into New RPC URL field.
  • Set Chain ID to 1.
  • Symbol and Block Explorer URL are optional. Leave them blank if you prefer.
  • Click Save.

  • You will now have Metakask connected to that Custom RPC Endpoint that you set it to.

    Metamask Custom Network Screenshot:

    wMetamask custom network image